30MAR-2APR14: ‘CFG Open WOD 14.5’

The 2014 CrossFit Open is officially over, as of this past Monday night at 5pm. By now, the most elite athletes in each region in both the country and in the world have advanced to the CrossFit Regionals – the last step to determine who will compete in the 2014 CrossFit Games at our very own StubHub Center.  Workout 14.5, the last of the 5 Open WOD’s, brought forth the very first Open WOD ever to be for time (opposed to a AMRAP with a time limit), and let me tell you – IT WAS BRUTAL!!!  It took the most elite athletes less than 9 minutes to finish; it took others well over an hour. Regardless of the time and that this was arguably the most mentally tough WOD of the open, athletes around the world sucked it up and accomplished their Ranger objective. A HUGE shout out to Mrs. Garcia and Principal Silvers for both completing this difficult WOD last Friday. HOOAH!!

Before we partner up to execute our version of ‘14.5,’ we first have to learn what a Thruster is and how to execute it properly. Given our lack of barbells, we will be altering the movement and go with Plate Thrusters instead of barbell thrusters and by jumping over mini-hurdles instead of a weighted barbell. Next, we’ll have to review the movement standards, as with all CrossFit Open WOD’s. Lastly, we’ll get to see archived footage of both the 14.5 Live Announcement followed by 5 of the fittest athletes in the world battling it out head to head following last Thursday night’s live announcement.

“CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.5”

FOR TIME (Time Cap = 20min):
21 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
21 Burpees over Bar
18 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
18 Burpees over Bar
15 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
15 Burpees over Bar
12 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
12 Burpees over Bar
9 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
9 Burpees over Bar
6 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
6 Burpees over Bar
3 Plate Thrusters (5#/10#/15#)
3 Burpees over Bar
Score total number of reps completed before time ends

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