20-21MAR14: Wall-Walks!

Today we will be learning a skill that will not only build upper body + core strength and increase your confidence in going upside down; it will put hundreds of additional, dirty footprints all over our white walls 😉 Just as important, your progress and hard work with wall walks will directly transfer into other gymnastics movements, such as hand stands, hand stand push-ups, and hand stand walks (all of which I will gladly demonstrate!). Here’s a video from the Reebok CrossFit 1 box on how to properly complete a wall walk. As always, pay special attention to: 1) Where the athlete starts.  2) Where the athlete is going to. 3) Where the athlete finishes.

After we watch the video, we’ll spend a few minutes to practicing wall walks before doing a 1-minute Max Effort pre-assessment and before kicking off our workout:


1 Minute Max-Effort Wall Walks

WOD: ‘Walking Dead’

AMRAP 10 min::
200m Run
5 Wall Walks
10 Air Squats
15 Kettlebell Swings


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