17MAR14: Tabata Abs

For today’s short lesson (which I believe many of you will be absent for, given today is vision and hearing screening day during some of our P.E. classes…), we’ll be knocking out an intense ab workout using a TABATA format. In addition to learning about this new workout format, we’ll also be adding a few new abdominal exercises/movements to our bag of tricks…and ones that you can definitely do at home to strengthen your core and get those 6-pack abs!


10 min TABATA: 

Complete 20 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (4 intervals per exercise) for the following abdominal exercises:

1. Curl-Ups
2. Kayaks
3. Bicycle Kicks
4. Heel Touches
5. Plank Hold

Interested in rocking out some tabata workouts at home? You can find a free tabata timer on-line here!

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