13-14FEB14: Valentine’s Day WOD

Happy Valentine’s Day, Athletes! For today’s lesson, we will learn one of the most important movements…EVER! It’s called the air squat, or simply the squat, and we’ll really break this one down step by step before putting it to use in today’s WOD. For the WOD, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we will be completing our first Partner WOD of the year! Not as in “partner up with somebody and figure out who is coach first/who is athlete first,” but an actual WOD that you will complete TOGETHER with a partner (as a buddy team). While many CrossFit boxes offer similar types of WOD”s for Valentine’s Day and then make buddy teams be one of each gender, our WOD will let you pick any partner you like 🙂

Valentine’s Day Partner WOD:

3 Rounds for Time

-400m Run
-40 Alternating Squats
-30 Alternating Burpees
-20 Alternating Broad Jumps
-10 Plank Hold Hand Claps


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