6-7FEB14: WOD #1: ‘Ground Zero’

While we had our first ‘official’ workout together earlier this week, today marks our first official CrossFit workout, also known as a ‘WOD’ (Workout Of the Day). Prior to our ‘3-2-1-GO!’, we’ll be learning two new movements: ALTERNATING JUMPING LUNGES…and my favorite, BURPEES aka FLOPPIES. We’ll also be taking another quick skill assessment, as each athlete will determine how many burpees they can knock out in 1 minute. Should be a hoot!


1 Minute Max Effort Floppies

WOD#1: ‘Ground Zero’

AMRAP 10 min (As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 minutes)

ALPHA: 100m Run + 12 alternating jumping lunges  + 12 Floppies

BRAVO: 100m Run + 9 alternating jumping lunges + 9 Floppies

CHARLIE: 100m Run + 6 alternating jumping lunges + 6 Floppies

**REPORT/RECORD: Roster # / Which workout you picked: (A/B/C) / # Rounds

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