16-17JAN14: Baseline #3

Back in mid-October, we took are first attempt at one of the benchmark WOD’s we call ‘Baseline.’ Then back in December, many of your crushed your October time when you completed the same WOD again. Today will be our third and final attempt at our ‘Baseline’ WOD. It will also be the last qualifying WOD for your CrossFit Open standings in determining who the top 3 male and female athletes are in each platoon, before determining who will compete live in the 2014 Dana MS CrossFit P.E. Games – so let’s see what you got! Best of luck to all competitors and may the odds be ever in your favor. HOOAH!!!


4 Rounds for Time:

10 Push-Ups + 20 Air Squats + 400m Run

*Compare your results to ‘Baseline #2’ completed on 16-17DEC.


Max Effort Toes 2 Bar / Knees to Elbows / Knees to Chest / Knee Lifts


CrossFit Dodgeball

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