14-15JAN14: WOD #1 (Attempt #2)

Remember the first WOD you ever did? It was in this class…I was your coach…it was back in September…it involved A LOT of box jumps and air squats…it was arguably the most awesome (and most challenging) workout you had ever done in your life at the time…and then how sore you were for the next day (ok, week…)?!? (check out some of the images below!!!) Well, today we will complete the same workout again…but hopefully at a much faster pace, at a bigger box jump height, and without being so sore for the days following.  Prior to that, we will measure our max effort wall walks. Both workouts/measurements today will go towards your overall Dana MS CrossFit Open score to determine who will be crowned the fittest CrossFit athletes in the platoon…and ultimately the fittest male and female athlete for the entire school.

Best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. HOOAH!!!


Max Effort (1 min) Wall Walks: *

*Only score completed wall walks (chest must touch wall while body is in a vertical position).

WOD#1 (Attempt #2 – Compare to Sept. 17 or 18):


Box Jumps (20″ Box) + Squats


Box Jumps (16″ Box) + Squats


Box Jumps (2 blue steps = 12″) + Squats

sore sore2 zombie sore

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