13JAN14: Speed Day #2

After today’s formation, we’ll be taking our second field trip to…the Dana Gymnasium! Here, we’ll have plenty of floor space (and traction) to get some speed and agility work in.  Specifically, we’ll be rocking out some super-short distance runs – but at 100% intensity aka an all out sprint. One way we can work to improve our speed and our agility (2 of the 10 overall components of fitness) is through a shuttle run, which is an event used in many different fitness assessments and that can be a lot of fun when running with/against your fellow athletes. Each shuttle run today will be at a total distance of 50 meters.


3 x Agility Ladder Drills + 20m Sprint


2 x 50m Shuttle Run (Record time for fastest run)*

*Compare time to OCT 21


Medicine Ball Squad Relay Race

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