7-8JAN14: Open WOD 12.1 (#2)

Welcome to the first ever Dana Middle School CrossFit Open! Over the course of the next two weeks, we will determine who the top 3 fittest male and female athletes are in each platoon through a series of qualifying workouts and skill assessments (well, the first was actually Monday, with our max distance broad jump!). We will then take the top male and female athlete from each platoon and have them compete head to head in front of the entire 7th grade during TLC in the Dana Gym on Friday, January 31st. It is going to be EPIC!!!

The first actual workout of the open takes place right now, and it’s one you’ve seen before. Coincidentally,  it also happens to be the first workout from the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, which is how it got its name ‘12.1.’ While it is only one movement, and while the AMRAP time doesn’t appear to be long, this workout is shockingly difficult…but you already knew this!   As we did last time, we will partner up for judging/scoring and we will have 3 scales…however, all ‘Alpha’ results will place higher than all ‘Bravo’ results, and all ‘Bravo’ results will place higher than all ‘Charlie’ results when calculating your ‘Open’ standings.

We will also be assessing your ability level with strict pull-ups. Some of you have them, most of you do not…so we will bring out the resistance bands to see just how close we are! Details for scoring are located below.

Best of luck, and may odds be ever in your favor! HOOAH!!!

WOD 12.1 (Attempt #2 – compare to Oct 11 or Oct 12)


AMRAP 7  min – Burpees


AMRAP 6 min – Burpees


AMRAP 5 min – Burpees


Max Effort Pull-Ups

Determine how many strict pull-ups you can complete. If you do not have a strict pull-up, determine what the smallest resistance band is that will allow you to complete a strict pull-up (Red, then Black, then Purple, then Green)…and then score max effort (# of pull-ups) for that band.

Report # of strict pull-ups (or # of strict pull-ups using which color resistance band used).

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