10-11DEC: ‘LAX 12/5’

For today’s shortened block period (65 min periods), we will be doing a solo WOD for time that will take place both outdoors in the oh-so frigid Los Angeles cold before moving us back into our nice and toasty box. The WOD will be remarkably similar to the WOD recently programmed for the athletes of neighboring LAX CROSSFIT on 12/5 (the only difference is that we will be executing kettlebell swings instead of power cleans). In case you were wondering, I completed the WOD in 9:44 at Rx+ (doing more than the prescribed weight for men)…you can look down below to see for yourself, but only if you know my nickname 😉

WOD: ‘LAX 12/5’

-800m Run
-40 Burpees
-20 Kettlebell Swings*

*Pick the heaviest weight you can handle without losing perfect form (Green/35lbs = Max Weight Allowed)


Plank Wars


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