14-15NOV: Round ‘n Round

The theme of today’s class has to do with rotations, since we’ll be rotating through 4 different stations for our 2nd ‘Stations WOD’ of the semester…and then later we will be running around in circles as we play musical wall balls for the second time. Unlike our last ‘Stations WOD,’ today’s workout includes 4 different movements…3 of them being ones we’ve only done once this semester in a WOD. Enjoy!


Round 1  + 1 min Rest + Round 2 + 2 min Rest + Round 3

*Each round will consist of the following stations:

                1. V-Up’s (1 min AMRAP)
                2. Box Jumps (1 min AMRAP)
                3. Wall-Balls (1 min AMRAP)
                4. Kettlebell Swings (1 min AMRAP)


Musical Wall-Balls

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