12-13NOV: Kettlebells!

Today is a big day, as we will learn all about kettlebells and how to both properly get them off of the ground and swing them during our WOD’s. For the first part of our new movement instruction, we have to learn how to safely pick up a kettlebell (or any heavy object for that matter) off the ground safely and efficiently. The way we will do this is by performing a Kettlebell Deadlift, and in order to help us learn this movement, we will get to act like ANGRY GORRILAS in class!!! Only once our form looks good with the deadlift (first without weights and then with an actual kettlebell), we will then learn how to properly perform a Russian Kettlebell Swing. When watching the demonstration video below, look closely at the athlete’s deadlift form, her back positioning for each swing, and how she uses her hips. While it looks like the arms are doing all of the work, it is your back, core, and hips that are responsible for generation of force and for the CONTROLLED swinging motion of the kettlebell. Also take note that with the Russian kettlebell swing (unlike the American swing, shown below), the kettlebell does NOT travel past the eyes:



Three rounds for time:
Run 200 meters
21 kettlebell swings (15#/20#)
12 Pull-ups

Coach Corrinet demonstrating an American Kettlebell Swing:

KB Swing 11:30:12

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