31OCT/1NOV: Partner WOD #1

One of my favorite types of CrossFit workouts is the Partner WOD. Not a Partner WOD in a sense of one athlete works out, while  a partner coaches you…but an actual Partner WOD: 2 athletes working together to complete a WOD together, at the same time. I love partner WOD’s because they build and require teamwork, and because they usually provide a more competitive environment than normal workout would. Partner WOD’s build a special bond between you and your ranger buddy, and you will often find that your partner will pick up the slack where you have weaknesses, and vice versa.  Sometimes you get to pick your own partners…and sometimes you don’t. So here’s your first Partner WOD – it’s not sexy, but it will make you a better Zombie Killer (and it sure beats running the mile…)


3 Round Relay:

-400m Run

-AMRAP Squats while partner is running

This Partner WOD is performed like a relay race. The first partner will run the 400m, while the second does AMRAP squats, and when the runner returns, they switch. Each round requires both partners to perform both tasks (each athletesnd up completing (3) 400m runs and (3) rounds of AMRAP squats). This WOD is scored by time/reps.


CrossFit Dodgeball

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