28OCT: Dot Drills!

For today’s short 42 minute lesson, we will be learning how to complete a basic Dot Drill referred to as the ‘Up and Back.’ Dot Drills are a fun way to not only to increase eye-foot coordination, speed, agility, and balance…but to compete with each other (and with yourself) to see how many repetitions you can get in 1 minute. An added bonus is that drills will no doubt increase your effectiveness on a dance floor; trust me, I know from experience. Later this semester (or today, if we have time), we will learn some of the more advanced / higher skill dot drills which will include the ‘Turn Around,’ ‘Around the World,’ ‘Right Foot,’ ‘Left Foot,’  and ‘Both Foot’ drills.  Here’s some of these drills in action!


Max Effort Dot Drills (Up and Back) – 1 min

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