22-23OCT: Pull-Ups!

Today’s skill is the one that many of you have been waiting for since the beginning of the semester (and that most of you have already experimented with…before every class…), and that we can now safely learn since we have our new and beautiful plyo-box platforms: The Pull-Up! In class we will learn some of the very basics for the strict pull-up/chin-up, in addition to learning some of the scales and exercises we can use to help get us to perform a strict pull-up (for those of you that can’t just yet) and improve our strict pull-ups (for those who already can perform this movement). Here’s the videos of the day:


Max Effort Pull-Ups

WOD: “Lil Cindy”


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

3 Pull-Ups + 6 Push-Ups + 9 Squats


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

3 Pull-Ups + 6 Push-Ups + 9 Squats


AMRAP in 8 Minutes

3 Pull-Ups  + 6 Push-Ups + 9 Squats

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