10-11OCT: WOD 12.1

Given that we all had ‘rest days’ for our Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday lessons since I was gone at 6th grade camp, today’s WOD is going to be a beast! It also happens to be the first workout from the 2012 CrossFit Games, which is how it got its name ‘12.1.’ While it is only one movement, and while the AMRAP time doesn’t appear to be too long, this workout is shockingly difficult and should be treated as a ‘marathon’ and not as a ‘sprint.’   To help make this workout a little more manageable, we do have 3 scales today. We’ll also be using the CrossFit Open format we’ve used before, in terms of having each athlete pair up so that one 1 athlete will be working out while another will be their judge/coach (and then we switch). HOOAH!!!

WOD 12.1:


AMRAP 7  min – Floppies


AMRAP 6 min – Floppies


AMRAP 5 min – Floppies


CrossFit Dodgeball

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