1-2OCT: Plank Holds

The movement we are learning today is called a basic plank or a plank hold; it’s one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen your core / abdominal region and increase your mid-line stability. It’s also an exercise you can perform anywhere – outside on the grass, in your family room watching TV,  or even here in the box if you find the time and want to sneak some extra work in. Later this semester, we’ll learn about more challenging planks and incorporate some partner plank games as we continue to strengthen our core.


For today’s block session, we will first learn the proper technique for the basic plank hold (see video below). Then, we’ll set up the timer and to determine how long each athlete can hold a perfect plank for (aka max effort plank hold) and continue to take this measurement throughout the semester.

For today’s workout , we will complete a 1600 meter run (aka ‘The Mile’) for the first time this semester. From here, we’ll be able to set a goal for what we want our mile time to be by the end of the semester and after 4 months of hard work in CrossFit P.E.!

Skill Work:

Plank Holds / Max Effort Plank Hold


1600m Run aka ‘The Mile’

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