23-24SEPT: Floppies

Today we will be learning a new body-weight movement called ‘The Floppy,’ or ‘Floppies,’ not to be confused with it’s closely-related cousin, ‘The Burpee’ or ‘Burpees.’  While we will learn more about Burpees in the near future (once we master planks and push-ups), getting the hang of the floppy will take very little instruction and practice.

Check out the video below and see for yourself, taking a look at these 3 things for each repetition: 1) Where does the athlete start? 2) Where is the athlete going to? 3) Where does the athlete finish?


1 Minute Max Effort Floppies


AMRAP 10 min (As Many Rounds As Possible in 10 minutes)

ALPHA: 100m Run + 12 Floppies

BRAVO: 100m Run + 10 Floppies

CHARLIE: 100m Run + 8 Floppies

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